1-1 Devices
All Pattie students are checked out a device to use for school work.  Kindergarten students are given iPads, while 1st-5th graders are given laptops to use. These devices are for students to use for school work. When students bring their devices home we ask that they are charged before returning to school. If students have a device at home that they  can use, they may opt out of brining school devices home. Whether or not students bring devices home we encourage everyone to purchase Laptop Insurance. 

Property Loan Distribution Form
Please complete the Device Loan Agreement form by clicking on this link.

Device Check Out Form

When students are issued a new device, charger, or travel case they are expected to complete this form to acknowledge that everything is working and in good condition. If there are concerns about any of these items we ask that you reach out to our TSSPEC, Mr. Hodges, right away. 

Laptop Insurance
Students who break their device will be charged for the replacement unless laptop insurance was purchased for their device. Laptop insurance can be purchased at
(Please note there is no insurance for iPads.)

Please send your student to school with a pair of headphones to use. The school will not be providing headphones for students. 

Digital Guidebook
For all other  information on technology, accounts, and digital learning check out our Digital Guidebook in
 English or in Spanish

Code Orange Days
Having access to a  device at home is especially important in case of Code Orange days. On Code Orange days, if you have any questions or concerns about logging into your students device, or their accounts, you can visit with our ITC, Ashley Ludolph, during her open office hour via Zoom from 9:00am-10:00am here
Meeting ID: 865 8626 9715

Technical Support

For problems with a school issued laptop not working, or for concerns about broken devices, please email Kenneth Hodge at [email protected] 
If you are having difficulty accessing student work on Canvas, please reach out to your student's teacher directly. 

Here is some information about how you can support student reading at home with technology!
Technology at Home by Ashley V. Ludolph