Pattie's PTCO

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Pattie PTCO
Engage, Connect. Make a Difference. Join the Pattie PTCO today, we need you!

This organization, is the John F. Pattie Sr. Elementary School Parent-Teacher Cooperative Organization, referred to as PTCO. The purpose of the PTCO is to assist in the implementation of Pattie's Mission Statement. PTCO is solely for charitable and educational purposes. 

We are a diverse group of administrators, faculty and staff of the school, parents, grandparents, and/or guardians of the children of Pattie Elementary who are excited about the future of our school and students in it. Join us and help make a difference in hundreds of lives, including the ones closet to your heart. 

Your PTCO needs our unique talents, whether it is volunteering a couple of hours a month, or a couple hours a year, serving on the Board, attending meetings, participating in school events, or just sharing your ideas. 

Why join the PTCO?
To help strengthen and support a school environment where our students can grow and thrive.
To serve as advocated for our students, teachers, and staff.
To help raise money to support he work of our teachers and staff.
To have direct connections and communication with school administrators.
To help plan social programs and outreach events for the school.